Velvet Comfort Heating Systems
5 seconds or less

5 seconds or less

Begin to warm the interior of your vehicle in less than 5 seconds, regardless of the temperature outside. This feature can be turned on with the ignition on the accessory setting; the engine does not need to be running.

Safer Driving

Safer Driving

Power consumption is only 3 amps and removes the need for remote starting of a vehicle. Remote starting a vehicle wastes precious resources and causes additional pollution (gas or electric). The heating unit will ensure the driver is warm and comfortable which helps reduce distracted driving.

Revolutionary patented product

Revolutionary Patented Product

For over 120 years there has not been an easy way to heat the interior of a vehicle. This revolutionary patented product will quickly and comfortably warm the occupants of a cold vehicle. This makes driving safer and helps reduce accidents.

Emissions Reduction Heater—

How It Works

Velvet Comfort catalytic converter heater illustrationThe shortfalls of the catalytic converter system have been known since its introduction in the early 1970’s. Designed to reduce automotive emissions in response to the new EPA guidelines, the vehicle’s catalytic converter only reduces a vehicle’s pollution when the exhaust is hot enough for the complete functioning of the converter. A fully functioning catalytic converter provides oxidation and reduction of a vehicle’s exhaust including nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. These exhaust elements become less hazardous substances such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitrogen gas. The need to heat the preliminary exhaust applies to internal combustion engines as well as diesel engines.

The recently applied for patent (Vaness LLC) corrects this shortfall using a system of layered ceramic heating elements producing the following results and benefits:

  • Heats quickly (1800 degrees F in 3 seconds).
  • Draws low power (3 amps).
  • Low production cost (under $5.00).
  • Retail price is $500 to $1,000.
  • Could be mandated by the US Government, just as the catalytic converter was in the 1970’s and as anti-lock brakes were mandated a few years later.

It’s estimated that installation of our patented system will reduce a vehicle’s pollution by over 50% and that the layered ceramic heating element will have cost effective benefits for broader applications.

These units are currently in production at facilities in Maryville, Tennessee, China and Cleveland, Ohio.  The engineering team, including electrical and mechanical engineers is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area

We hope there is interest in this emissions reducing product as the goal is to preserve and protect our precious planet.